What they say about us...

Linspire Inc.

" Linspire Inc. is pleased to have been able to contract with Daniel Glazman from Disruptive Innovations to be the lead developer and maintainer for the Nvu project. Daniel has been the chief architect for Mozilla Composer and brings a tremendous amount of experience and expertise to the Nvu project. "

" We have used Daniel and Disruptive Technologies on our Nvu project and he has done a fantastic job for us. Not only has his quality of work been exceptional, but he has been very proactive on the project and has tried to meet or exceed our expectations. His attitude and knowledge on what we needed to do were perfect for the work we had to have done." - Tom Welch, CTO

The Mozilla Foundation

"Nvu provides important functionality for the Mozilla project and the open source desktop in general.  The work done by Disruptive Innovations is of great benefit for our community. " - Michell Baker, Chief Lizard Wranglerdownload free movies

Standblog (in french)

" Daniel Glazman annonce dans son blog la création prochaine de son entreprise pour développer Composer... "

Robert Accettura

" Composer to continue full steam "


" Ex-Netscape employee Daniel Glazman has announced that he is starting a company to continue the development of Composer... "