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November 10, 2008 -- Updated 0936 GMT (1736 HKT)
Tsvangirai rejects sharing Zimbabwe police

Tsvangirai rejects sharing Zimbabwe police

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's main opponent has flatly rejected a proposal from mediators for the rival factions to share control of the nation's police ministry. full story
Who is most responsible for carbon emissions and who should pay the most to reduce them?
Beijing's renewal for the Olympics wasn't the first time a central power and a "world event" transformed a city
Researchers develop an anti-reflective coating that boosts the efficiency of solar panels
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The Circuit
F1 turns to India

Formula One will have more right to call itself a world championship when it moves to New Delhi


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Designs of the future
We take a look at some of the fascinating concepts and groundbreaking work of visionaries.
F1 turns to India
Formula One seeks to capitalize on India's growing love affair with racing.
Where the deals areĀ 
Travel bargains are a silver lining of the financial meltdown. Stop brooding and start packing.
Winners and losers
World champion Lewis Hamilton was F1's ultimate winner, but there were other heroes, and zeros, in 2008.
Sounds like the future
Bjork's a fan, but is Yamaha's Tenori-on the coolest new instrument on the planet or just a fun fad?
Under the dimples
It may seem like the most simple of objects, but a golf ball is a feat of modern engineering.
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Will China's massive stimulus package help revive the global economy?


Surviving the downturn
Just how do you cope with debt, unemployment and foreclosure?

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