Specification: VSI SI LI NI Total
Weightedre-weight(4VSI + 2SI + LI - NI)
CRCSS Flexible Box Layout Module7830154756.4
CSS Transforms10521185151.0
CSS Animations9431174648.7
CSS Conditional Rules Module L36730164146.1
CSS Transitions9522184646.0
CSS Grid Layout5930174143.4
CSS Text Module5840174042.4
CRCSS Multi-column Layout Module41220184242.0
CSS Regions9333184242.0
CSS Fonts4840163640.5
CRCSS Backgrounds and Borders Module L331220173840.2
CSS Positioned Layout Module5370153339.6
CRCSS Image Values and Replaced Content31050183737.0
CSS Exclusions and Shapes5642173436.0
CSS Fragmentation Module3760163236.0
Alternative Grid Layout Proposal by Peter Linss2550122334.5
CSS Writing Modes3951183434.0
CSS Paged Media Module3580163033.8
CRCSS Values and Units Module L311140163033.8
CSS Intrinsic & Extrinsic Sizing Module3661162932.6
CSS Overflow Module1960162831.5
Selectors LEVEL 42580152631.2
CSS Device Adaptation3852183131.0
Media Queries LEVEL 43752172930.7
CSS Box Alignment Module1870162730.4
CSS Line Layout1780162629.3
CSS Line Grid Module1790172728.6
CSS Basic Box Model23110162528.1
CSS Image Values and Replaced Content Module LEVEL 41852162325.9
CSS Syntax2291142025.7
CSS Pagination Templates Module2472152125.2
CSS Generated Content for Paged Media Module3483182525.0
CSS OM2492172324.4
CSS Grid Template Layout3354141924.4
CSS OM View Module1782182424.0
CSS Mobile Text Size Adjustment Module1853172223.3
CSS Counter Styles1562141823.1
CSS UI22122182222.0
CSS Background and Borders LEVEL 42373151821.6
CSS Lists and Counters Module04101151720.4
CSS Text Decoration Module03111151619.2
CRCSS Style Attribute1383151518.0
CSS Text LEVEL 41464151416.8
CSS Pseudo-Elements LEVEL 41454141316.7
CSS OM Values Module02102141215.4
CSS Hierarchies2266161213.5
CSS Color Correction0293141012.9
CRCSS Speech12491633.4
Variables 3 2 1 6 17
Compositing and Blending 4 3 2 9 9
Filter effects 1 1 4 1 7 9
Masking 2 4 1 7 7
Animate on DOM modifications 1 1 4
Collapsing elements (such as collapsing lists) 1 1 4
Primitives for infinite list layout 1 1 4
Marquee 1 1 2 0
Shaders 1 3 4 -2